Illustrated Testimonial saying I grasped the essence of the lady as she wasAs a bespoke Funeral Celebrant it is an honour to be involved in writing and delivering a unique funeral ceremony, helping mourners to say a ‘good goodbye’.  Here are some of the comments and thank yous I have received from families I have worked with:

“What a lovely service you conducted, such a wonderful, well considered script. You gave P a splendid send off, Thank you.” August 2021

“Thank you so much for the wonderful service you created for [my husband].  The words you said, and your organisation really helped take the pressure off the day.  Everyone said it was a perfect send off.  Thank you again on behalf of myself and all the family.  We really appreciated the time and care you spent ensuring the service went so smoothly.”  July 2021

“Thank you very much for conducting the ceremony and for being professional, adaptable and always there.  Several of our relatives said that they thought it was such a personal, touching ceremony, thoughtful and special and it did [my husband] proud.”  May 2021

“Thank you so much, this is beautiful and is exactly what we wanted.” May 2021

“Thank you very much for the Service and Eulogy for my Aunt. The family, friends and ex-colleagues have asked me to say how much they appreciated your extremely kind words and the wonderful way you conducted the funeral. It changed a sad occasion into one that was comforting to be a part of, thank you, especially for the detail that you put into the service and made it very personal.”  Mr C Smith, April 2021

“Thank you again for such a lovely service, beautifully conducted with such understanding words throughout.  Very much, thank you.” April 2021

“Our thanks to Chelsea, who crafted and presented a sympathetic and accurately detailed service for our dear Aunt. It was as if she was an actual family member and comes highly recommended for that special personal touch.”  Mr GB, Southampton, March 2021

“We wish to thank you for arranging such a beautiful and emotional service [our son] yesterday.  We are sure the whole family will join us in voicing our appreciation of all the time and effort that you spent in ensuring that [he] had such an appropriate send-off – your accurate description of him made us smile.”  January 2021

Thank you so much for doing a brilliant job. Many people commented on how personal and well-judged your words were – [extended family members] even wondered if you knew Dad when he was alive. The service was everything I had hoped for.” December 2020

“You respectfully listened, enquired, verified and understood enabling you to deliver a ‘perfect mix’ for all concerned!  I have only received very positive comments from all those attending and watching.  My mother would have been overwhelming complimentary and for me, the whole process has been ‘peacefully healing’.”  December 2020

“I must thank you again for helping to steer me through a very traumatic day.  Your creative service was perfect.”  Mrs C, November 2020

Thank you so much for the moving and sensitive way you conducted [my husband’s] service today, you made a very difficult day much easier for me. You made his love shine through.”  September 2020

“I want to say a huge thank you for making the day so memorable and as perfect as such things can be…  You did an amazing job.  So many people asked if you were actually friends with mum, you managed to really grasp the essence of the lady she was and I’ll forever be grateful for everything you’ve done.”  July 2020

“I read your tribute with a tear in my eye, it’s perfect, thank you.”  March 2020

“Many thanks for the copy of the Eulogy – you did very well, which was widely commented on. As you said afterwards, laughter and tears suggests that we/you got it all about right. Everyone seemed to think that my mother would have approved.” January 2020

“Chelsea was recommended to me and she did a fabulous job.”  October 2019

“Thank you for all your efforts for dad. You conducted the service very well and caught his nature when you were speaking. We all appreciated it and I think dad would have too. Thank you for bringing warmth and understanding to a difficult day.”  September 2019

“I was very pleased how everything turned out. Many thanks for all you did on the day, a number of friends and family commented on how lovely the service was and how it reflected dad so well.”  September 2019

“I know that I thanked you for the wonderful service that you did for my dear Aunt but wanted to thank you in an e mail.  You made the occasion so easy and more bearable with your gentle approach and a calming manner.  THANK YOU.  You are a 🌟  Keep doing what you are so talented at.”  Mrs A Smith, August 2019

“I would like to thank you so much… You really conducted the funeral service in a marvellous way, found beautiful and fitting words and delivered them wonderfully. You contributed to the fact that the celebration really went as my dear sister wished. Thank you very much.”  August 2019

“We were so lucky to have you as Celebrant – you came highly recommended.  I thought the whole morning was exactly right and am grateful to you for the major part you played.”  August 2019

Winchester celebrant testimonial

“I would like to thank you for the very sensitive way you presented our memories and honoured our dad on the day.  We all felt the service was uplifting and an excellent send off.”  August 2019

 “Thank you Chelsea for helping make yesterday very special.  Everybody said what a lovely service it was, and we feel very lucky that we had you to lead the service.”  August 2019

“Thank you for making the ceremony a special event and fitting tribute to Mum, you did her proud.”  July 2019

“Chelsea, your warm and thoughtful delivery added something very special to the service.  Thank you.”  June 2019

“Thank you just isn’t enough, we are so grateful.  You are so amazing, the whole ‘send off’ was everything I hoped it would be.”  June 2019

“I just wanted to thank you for today, you really captured L’s spirit, we appreciated all your care and attention.”  May 2019

“Chelsea thank you so much for yesterday. Everyone said what a good service it was. Your reading of the eulogy was just right.”    May 2019

winchester funeral celebrant thank you“Thank you for the lovely way you spoke of Dad.  The service was all we hoped it would be and more.”     May 2019

“Thank you so much for a beautiful service. You did an amazing job!”
May 2019

“Everybody loved the service today, it was done so beautifully, something that my mum would have loved, I know she would have been very happy with that.  Thank you for your kind words, and helping us get through this day.”  April 2019

“Thank you so much, I cannot express how grateful (we) are for making today special for us.”  April 2019

“Thank you for delivering such a sympathetic service, it was just how she would have liked it and although we are all going to miss her it was the nicest way to celebrate her life and to say goodbye.”  April 2019

 “Just to say thank you so much for a wonderful service today.  We couldn’t have wished any more.. Your kind words will stay with us always.”
April 2019

“Thank you for the lovely way you conducted the ceremony.  [Mum] would have been as delighted as we were.”  April 2019

winchester funeral celebrant review

“Thank you for your support and the quality of the service throughout. Everyone has said how lovely and accurate the service was. The family were very happy.”  March 2019

“Thank you so much for the lovely service you did for my Mum. Everyone has said how professional & caring you were at speaking & the content was spot on.”  March 2019

“Thank you very much for yesterday, it was a very moving service.”
March 2019

“Many, many thanks on behalf of all our family, you really did make our Mum’s service very special.”  March 2019

 “Thank you again for conducting my dad’s funeral service today. I couldn’t have asked for anything better, you really captured him well…  I think you were right to say it’s important to have a ‘good’ funeral for those left behind. You certainly helped us achieve that.”    February 2019

“We would like to thank you very much for the service you took for Mum. It reflected her character very well and we were very impressed by the way you put all the information together. You made a very sad day easier to bear.”  January 2019

“I wanted to thank you for the funeral service you conducted for my mum.  Not only did you manage to turn my ramblings into something that complimented the eulogy my brother wrote on behalf of us all, but your pace and sensitivity made the service feel very personal. The service, although obviously very sad, really did feel that we were celebrating her life.  I know that Mum would have felt it was ‘just right’, thank you.”        December 2018

A very grateful thank you for my Mum’s celebration yesterday; for that was what it was and felt like. Very uplifting and I thank you profoundly.”  December 2018

“We thought the service was a very fitting tribute to J & that you did a great job. We had a lot of people commenting the same to us after the service. I’m very grateful to you, as it meant a lot that we got it just right & you captured the essence of him perfectly.”          November 2018

“The whole family, of all ages, said how impressed and comforted they were with the way you conducted the ceremony and with the words you spoke. We all, without exception, felt that your presentation was appropriate, respectful, warm and prompted happy memories as much as sad.  We all felt that Nana would have approved.”  September 2018

“Thank you so much for all you have done.  The service you put together was perfect, and really meant a lot to mum and I.  Lots of people said what a lovely service it was, and what a good job you had done, I will definitely be recommending you.”  August 2018

“Thank you so much for the great eulogy you gave for Charles.  You spoke so well and it certainly made me appreciate even more all that he had achieved.  All the family were pleased, as you know, it is so important for the day to go well – and it did…  I shall always treasure your contribution and thank you for it.”   July 2018

“I think Dad would have liked his funeral.  I also cannot thank you enough for all your professional help with Dad’s service, and lovely eulogy.”  July 2018

“I would like to say thank you so much for your part in helping us yesterday.  It was very difficult day for us all and yet your guidance and leadership really gave the service a calm and celebratory atmosphere that everybody appreciated especially us.”   July 2018

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